Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts This page is not consistently monitored. Please report all emergencies by phone; 413-458-5733.

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

Weekly menu for week of July 6 for free lunches for students and community from Mt. Greylock Regional School District.

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

The Select Board is establishing an advisory committee on inclusiveness, diversity, and equity to promote continuous improvement towards achievement of these goals. The advisory committee will address these topics through the development of forums for open and safe discussion of these issues, and for the development of actionable recommendations to improve the attainment of these goals in Williamstown for all residents. This effort is designed to help make sure that Williamstown is a safe and inclusive community. The Select Board desires that the membership is diverse and composed of representatives of different elements of the Williamstown community. The committee will be charged to ensure that participation in its activities is broad and inclusive of all communities in Williamstown. Individuals interested in serving, or nominating others, should submit their names and a brief statement to [email protected] by Wednesday, July 8.

Small Business Relief Partnership
Small Business Relief Partnership

Small Business Relief Partnership

The Berkshire County Small Business Recovery Fund will provide small for-profit businesses in Berkshire County with emergency assistance in adherence with the parameters set forth by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office: addressing fixed debt, payroll, accounts payable, lost sales, lost oppor...

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts's cover photo

Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts's cover photo


Reminder: Spring St. is closed to vehicle traffic from 4-10PM today.

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

Weekly menu for week of June 29 for free lunches for students and community from Mt. Greylock Regional School District.

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

This Week In Williamstown - https://mailchi.mp/057d5784991c/this-week-in-williamstown. Spring Street will be open to pedestrians ONLY on Saturday from 4-10pm, allowing the restaurants and shops to spill out onto the street. The goal is to create a safe outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

Social distancing and mask guidelines must be maintained.
Shop Small. Support Local.

Spring Street will close to all vehicle traffic this Saturday, 6/27, from 4PM - 10PM as shops and restaurants expand the...

Spring Street will close to all vehicle traffic this Saturday, 6/27, from 4PM - 10PM as shops and restaurants expand their services outside. There is No Parking on Spring Street after 4PM, but the Municipal Lot remains available and accessible from Latham or Hoxsey Streets. Spring Street residents are encouraged to park in the lot prior to 4PM and there will be no penalty for overnight parking.

Williamstown Council on Aging

Williamstown Council on Aging

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Thank you mask makers and shoppers!

The Lancet, an English medical journal was quoted recently by CNN (in my iphone Apple news feed) as indicating that if people practice social distancing without a facemask your chances of contracting Coronavirus is about 17.4% however...the study further indicates that transmission chances are reduced to 3.1% when a face mask is worn. The CDC now says that it’s pretty convinced that 40% of transmissions occur before people feel sick.
So...are masks important? You betcha!

When this COVID-19 crisis started we had exactly 12 masks here in Harper. We purchased them a few years-yes, years-ago for use during random clinics along the way but never used them. Most of our friends and neighbors were in the same category. Who knew? While we set about looking to find masks, a serious number of community residents contacted us and asked if we could use their help in creating cloth face covers for the community. We were quite happy to accept their assistance. The people listed here represent the individuals who have taken the time and in some cases, used their own resources and in all cases, their personal skills to create face coverings which may have actually saved lives. When you see them, thank them for their efforts.

Madeline Burdick
Alison Case
Bonnie Clark
Melissa Cragg
Jennifer Howlett
Mary Johnson
Mary King
Jeanne Marklin
Fern Murtaugh
Mercedes Nawrocki
Polly Macpherson
Nancy Sacco
Margo Sanger
Mary Strout
Anne Singleton
Sharron William

Then there are the members of the Williams Mask Initiative who organized sewers within the Williams community to create face coverings, helped arrange collection, distribution and delivery of masks to where they were needed across the whole of Northern Berkshire;

Rachel Cross
Chole Henderson
Julia Pham

Thank you shoppers!

When this all started back in early March the majority of people who lived here in Williamstown managed shopping on their own. I mean, really, don’t you just want to go and look at everything yourself? Of course you do!

Then the Coronavirus came to Massachusetts and everything changed. While many elder Townies decided that they were not staying home and continued to shop, some during designated hours, others whenever the need arose. Others opted for delivery or curbside. Have to eat right?
Then there were other people who, generally due to limitations brought on by an organic something which weakened their immune system, couldn’t safely negotiate food shopping regardless of when. We asked for volunteers and into the mess isolation created stepped some very brave people who were willing to go “into the storm” as they say to shop for their homebound neighbors. So, when you see these people, thank them too!

Carolyn Brooks
Liz Costley
Trish Gorman
Kathleen Hakes
Valerie Hall
Carmel Kushi
Susan Mahler
Jim Mahon
Nicole Methot
Karyn O’Toole
Jennifer Swoap

We couldn't do it without you. Thank you very much!

Brain O’Grady

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

We've had a recent uptick in reports of bear damage to backyard chicken coops. Properly maintained electric fencing is the only way to protect chickens, beehives, and other livestock from bears. Electric fencing is easy to install, effective, and safe for use around kids and pets. For more bear tips, visit mass.gov/bears

Williamstown Council on Aging

Williamstown Council on Aging

Updates, Monday June 22nd, 2020

Happy Summer!

The worst thing about summer is that the days get shorter going forward. Right? Otherwise, it’s all good!
Here’s the food news for the week.

The Mobile Food Pantry sponsored by the FoodBank of Western Ma will be in Adams in the Visitor Center parking lot on Tuesday, tomorrow, June 23rd from 10-11:00. Stay in your car, they’ll come to you.

Williamstown Farmers Market – Essentials!, the virtual market is accepting orders at www.WFMEssentials.org weekly from 10:00 Monday until 7PM on Wednesday . Pick up is from 11am until 1pm on Saturday. Orders are pre-bagged, pre-sorted, you’ll find them in the parking lot behind the Williamstown Elementary School, in front of the Youth Center entry. The market is pre-order and pickup, no on site shopping yet but they’re able to provide home delivery within a 7-mile radius of market orders - please, don’t use the delivery option unless you are unable to get to the market!

Berkshire Grown has a link to all sorts of different farms and food sources. Here’s that link: https://berkshiregrown.org/shop-local-now/

The North Adams Farmers market is open, here’s the link with order information:-www.Facebook.com/NorthAdamsFarmersMarket/

The Salvation Army Food Pantry on River Street in North Adams is in operation Tuesday-12:00-3:00. Please use the front door

The Al Nelson Friendship Center Food Pantry is still in the St. Elizabeth Parish Center on Holden Street and open Wednesday, 10:00-2:00 and 3:30-5:30. Plenty of parking. Their phone message says that they’ll deliver if you don’t have access to transportation, call them between 9:30 and 1:30 on Wednesdays for delivery. Here’s the contact information; 413.664.0123 or via email at;
[email protected]

The Community Bible Church Food Pantry, 160 Bridges Road, Williamstown, has food and are happy to share. Call Phyllis Babcock (413) 663-6094 and she will meet you at church at your convenience.

The Williamstown Food Pantry at St Patrick/St Raphael Church, 9:00-12:00 Wednesday. Southworth St. Same procedure, circle the church,, stay in your car, someone will help. Walkers to the front of the line, you go first.

Berkshire Food Project meals are still take-out only on M-W-and F. Enter through the breezeway and exit from the dining room out to Summer Street. Must wear a mask to participate and this includes while waiting in line. Practice Social Distancing while waiting. BFP will provide a mask if you don’t have one. The number of folks allowed inside is currently limited, there will be a count. BFP staff will open the doors for you, you’ll only be touching your food. There are also no restroom facilities available for use at this time.. https://www.berkshirefoodproject.org/

The Brown Bag monthly delivery will be this week, Friday, June 26th. They’ll be arriving at Harper sometime after one and then we’ll be distributing them to you so watch for us! If you’re not yet a Brown Bag participant and are interested call us here at Harper, 458.8250, for information. There is a brief application process and there are eligibility questions.

Check out Jane’s Exercise Class # 11 now on Willinet. Hope you’ve all been following along, eventually there will be a quiz!

By the way, since it’s actually summer, please wear your sunscreen and tick spray!

Brian O’Grady

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

**Polling Hours Reminder**

The Annual Town Election will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Voting will take place in the gymnasium of the Williamstown Elementary School from 10 AM to 7 PM. Parking is available in the School Street lot in the rear of the school (accessible only from School Street). Handicapped parking is also available in the School Street lot.

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

Due to the COVID pandemic we have made some changes to the purchase of Transfer Station Stickers. New Stickers will be available for purchase beginning July 1st. Updates will appear at the end of June on the town website, our page, at the Transfer Station and through public notification.

The suspension of the requirement for use of Town bags also continues. When the this suspension ends, we will be offering trash tags and will be similarly announcing availability of those in the same manner as stickers.

Town of Williamstown Government

Town of Williamstown Government

Weekly menu for week of June 22 for free lunches for students and community from Mt. Greylock Regional School District.

Williamstown Council on Aging

Williamstown Council on Aging

Updates, Friday June 19th, 2020

This week the Williamstown Historical Museum is in week 8 of 9 in the spring scavenger hunt . This week's marker is not one of the original “official” 200th Anniversary site markers but marks a historical site nevertheless. It’s located in front of what’s called a “Regulation House”. Know what that is perchance? Well, I won’t tell you, you’ll have to visit the museum website at www.williamstownhistoricalmuseum.org While you’re at it, check out their page too, www.Facebook.com/williamstownhistoricalmuseum
Lots of good stuff there as well. It’s a public page so you don’t have to actually be a facebook subscriber to look.

Here are some notes from the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, BRTA, which will have an impact on folks who ride the bus between here and Pittsfield. There are other changes as well heading south toward the Lee outlets and Great Barrington as well, these notes just reflect time changes for travel between here, North Adams and Pittsfield. Routes and other information can be found on their website www.berkshirerta.com

Route 34: North Adams Loop - Transfer is now available with Route 3 from Williamstown on Main Street in North Adams at 12 minutes past the hour. - Weekday evening service has been expanded between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Route 34 will connect with Route 1 at Walmart North Adams at 7:30 PM and 9:50 PM - Route 34 will service Brayton Hill and Greylock Apartments between 8:15 PM and 9:30 PM.
Route 1: Pittsfield - North Adams - Weekday evening departures from the Intermodal Transfer Center-their headquarters building in downtown Pittsfield- have been changed to 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM. - Weekday evening departures from Walmart North Adams have been changed to 7:30 PM, 9:50 PM, and 10:30 PM.
Route 2: Pittsfield - Lee via Lenox - Service has been added to Big Y Lee in both the outbound and inbound directions. - Departures from Lee Premium Outlets have been changed to 30 minutes past the hour on both weekdays and Saturdays. - Arrival times at the ITC have been changed to 20 minutes past the hour on weekdays and Saturdays. This change will allow customers to transfer at the ITC with other buses.
Route 3: Williamstown - North Adams - Departure from Main Street North Adams has been amended to 12 minutes past the hour.If you’re a regular bus rider you’ll know what this means-and that it’s an expansion of hours which were reduced in the wake of COVID-19. Good news eh? Masks and social distancing are still in effect so take this into account before you hop on and pull out your Charlie Card!
There are 2 new Blood Drives coming up at the end of June, the first will be at the Adams Community Bank on Park Street in Adams on June 29th. The second event is slated for the Williamstown Historical Museum on June 30th.Healthy donors are needed to give blood during the best of times and these aren’t them. We all know what “healthy donors” mean as well, right?
To avoid long lines and clusters of people milling about appointments are suggested and can be made by calling 413.447.2593, extension 2, or electronically to [email protected]

Now here’s a message (edited…) from our friends at the Coalition. It’s rather self explanatory;
“Every year nbCC's Community Outreach Volunteer training tries to address an identified northern Berkshire need through a community project. This year the 2020 COV capstone project: an intergenerational, inclusive, intergroup month of heart-to-heart connection. The PenPal Extravaganza connects letter writers, (phone callers, or emailers) with folks who are isolated, or who wouldn’t mind a pick-me-up in the form of well-wishes from a kind stranger. We’re hoping that you or someone you know might be interested in participating.

Throughout the month of June, the 2020 COV team will review applications, welcome folks to the project, and pair willing communicators with willing receivers. To help our participants feel comfortable and valued for this contribution to their community’s well-being, the group will provide suggestions and encouragement until the project pairing closes on June 30.

If interested in participating, please fill out the PenPal Extravaganza Application. COV's are also accepting applications from interested parties by phone at (413) 342-0376, please ask for Kenya. Also check out their page on Facebook for more information and updates on the project”.

Now a final note for this week. Another light is coming on as Tai Chi formally returns to action beginning Monday, outside for the moment but active for the first time since early March. Folks who were engaged with the class will be contacted by Youlin and of course there are COVID rules; masks at all time, social distancing, no shared equipment no more than 10 people in the activity which means 9 students plus instructor. It’s a start right?

Brian O’Grady

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

With hot temperatures here for the next few days, a reminder to NEVER leave children or pets alone in hot vehicles!
Cars can heat up quickly to dangerous temperatures! #BeatTheHeat

North Adams Ambulance Service, Inc

North Adams Ambulance Service, Inc

With the reopening and new guidelines, we are once again, offering free car seat inspections and installations! You will need to call to make an appointment, following these new guidelines. NO drop ins will be accepted! Please call 413-662-8034 or 413-664-6680 to schedule your appointment.

Williamstown Council on Aging

Williamstown Council on Aging

Updates, Wednesday June 17th, 2020

Wednesday isn’t the same for me since this COVID pandemic caused the cancellation of my regular Wednesday softball match. I used to look forward to getting out there and dropping a couple balls. Now Wednesday is just another day ending in Y like all the rest of them. Moving on...

Beginning June 17th, well, today actually, Proprietors Field residents who were receiving meals delivered from the MGRHS this spring will have those meals delivered from the Harper Center. We’re not preparing food, we’re just delivering pre-packaged food from our friends at the Regional School District. You are welcome to pop over and get yours yourselves however. We’re distributing from the Proprietors Field entrance to the Center.

The Alzheimer's Association is announcing a Facebook Live event this Friday, June 19th, at noon (12-12:30) for families with questions about how to handle visits with their loved ones in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ll address the challenges and other issues and feelings families may feel as visits resume. Here’s a link; Alzheimer's Association MA/NH Chapter

We talked about this briefly during the food updates the other day but I’m going to mention it one more time. The Berkshire Food Project really needs volunteers. After switching to the distribution of takeout meals on a M-W-F schedule, there has been a significant uptick in use.They’re distributing almost 500 meals on each of these three days. Lots of food folks, half of the meals are prepared onsite, the rest are purchased from local restaurants as part of the COVID -19 Emergency Fund. They’ve accomplished this with 3 staff members and some dedicated volunteers. As the world reopens, they’re losing volunteers but the demand driven by higher unemployment numbers remains high. Some of their regular volunteers have pre-existing conditions and aren’t able to help under the current situation so...they need help. If you, or anyone you know is looking for a volunteer slot, even a temporary on, let Kim know. Here’s the number; 413.664.7378

Finally, there are all sorts of people reporting bear sightings all over these days. I haven’t had one in my yard -yet-but I live at the edge of the woods and they’re neighbors. So be careful and bring your bird feeders in for the summer. And-speaking of bringing in, I’m also hearing foxes nearby at night. They got one of my neighbors chickens recently and I have heard that they like cats too. Might want to bring yours in as well.

Enjoy the afternoon!
Brian O’Grady


825 Simonds Road
Williamstown, MA


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M&J's Taste Of Home 49 mins · FREE FRONTLINE APPRECIATION DAY April 18th!! For lunch we'll be serving hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, shredded beef sandwiches, our delicious homemade mac-n-cheese (plain, buffalo chicken or pulled pork) and french fries. Looking for something sweet......you can try a soft and chocolatey whoopie pie. If you cant make it for breakfast, you definately won't want to miss lunch!! We can't wait to show you our gratitude for all you're doing.
M&J's Taste Of Home · Our FREE breakfast menu for the FRONTINE WORKER APPRECIATION DAY will include bacon, egg and cheese or sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches on a roll, hot and fresh blueberry, tripleberry and banana muffins, french toast and pancakes. We will be serving breakfast from 6am - 10:30am and will begin serving lunch at 11. Check in tomorrow for our lunch menu!!!
!!!!!!!FREE FREE FREE!!!!!! BREAKFAST AND LUNCH FOR ALL FIRST RESPONDERS, (AMBULANCE, POLICE, FIRE, SHERIFF) ALL HEALTH CARE WORKERS AND TRUCKERS, ON APRIL 18TH IN THE GREYLOCK WORKS PARKING LOT!!!!!!! Mark and I want to take the opportunity to support and thank everyone in our community as well as the southern vermont community, who are putting themselves at risk during this difficult time. We will be setting up a "drive-thru" to follow all social distancing guidelines and making breakfast and lunch starting at 7am and serving until it's all gone!! THERE IS NO CHARGE AT ALL!! Please share. We will post our menu as the date gets closer. Show us your badge, come in uniform, show us your healthcare i.d and let us show you how much we appreciate you all!!!
It's too bad that WPD gives out parking tickets while people are trying to support Spring Street merchants. Bah humbug!
Williamstown lost dog. Please click on the link and share: https://www.facebook.com/LFPWMA/posts/1967911266564767
Electric power was out on at least Hancock Road and Oblong Road Wednesday night, June 27, from about 10:45 to 2:15 a.m. What was the cause? Was it more widespread than those two roads? Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
On the missing hiker, posted in reply to your notice Williamstown Police Department, Massachusetts did you folks receive the tip to check the Cariddi Mill in North Adams? A gentleman on a hiking page said he's seen a man every day similar in description for the past couple of weeks there. Hope he is OK!
Whatever happened to the couple that ran down Cheryl LeClaire while walking her dog in Williamstown and then tried to cover up their involvement? John Gould and Sally Gould. Last I checked, she was still in a coma over a year later.
Can someone explain how a unlicensed operator with no license illegal truck and attached plate is still driving,black Ford truck Vermont lic#BHC-171,on bridges rd
Do you know what it means to be no commercial vehicles on this road I don't think so because you guys I'm not listening
Do your jod