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Willowick Police Department The Willowick Police Department consists of 33 full time employees. 24 police officers and 9 dispatchers. The 24 full time officers consist of a Chief, (2) Lieutenants, (4) Sergeants, (2) Detectives, and 15 Patrolmen.

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POLICE NEWS FROM WILLOWICK DISPATCHWEDNESDAY, 02/03/210349 hrs / noise complaintReport of loud music on the 4th floor of...


WEDNESDAY, 02/03/21

0349 hrs / noise complaint
Report of loud music on the 4th floor of the west building @ Shoregate Towers; the tenant who was advised of the complaint & she has turned the music down

0419 hrs / assist other agency
Eastlake PD dispatched a call about individuals in a dark colored car going through unlocked cars; Willowick unit spotted vehicle s/b E337 to N Marginal. Vehicle entered SR 2 w/b at E305, avoided road spikes & exited SR2, the wrong way on Lloyd. Pursuit terminated, vehicle last seen w/b on Grand to n/b E272

0729 hrs / accident – parking lot
Occurred at Giant Eagle/Get Go; report taken

0824 hrs / suspicious vehicle
In the 29600 block of Green, caller stated a Nissan has been parked occupied, for over an hour; officer checked the only car on the street & it’s unoccupied

0857 hrs / unruly juvenile
Officers spoke to a juvenile at his house regarding his behavior

1050 hrs / domestic violence
Incident between mother & son on Thomas; report taken

1114 hrs / noise complaint
Caller reported the tenants’ on the 6th floor Shoregate Towers east, are banging on things & screaming at each other; officers responded to the apt # given, they spoke to the residents who were sleeping & they said the noise is coming from the 7th floor. Officers checked the 7th floor & all is quiet

1133 hrs / lost property
Resident from W Willowick, on post to report items missing from the house; officer spoke to the resident, who is missing sports cards. Advice given

1253 hrs / traffic complaint
Caller reported an impaired female driver in a white Jeep on SR2 e/b passing E305; caller stated the driver is swerving & concealing her face. Call was transferred to Willoughby, no officers in the area

1259 hrs / suspicious person
Officer was flagged down by a resident who stated a male is walking between houses on E308/Clarmont; officer located the male, who lives on Willowick Dr and is out looking for his lost cat

1453 hrs / theft – shoplifting
Dollar General reporting (3) b/f’s just stole from the store & left heading towards Giant Eagle in a silver SUV; officers located & stopped the vehicle on Lakeshore @ E288; two females taken into custody for theft; report taken

1459 hrs / accident – private property
Caller reported she hit the fire hydrant, while exiting the BMV lot; officer advised no damage to the hydrant

1505 hrs / fraud
Resident on post to report her social security number was used to file an unemployment claim; female was referred to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, to report the issue, by phone or website

1515 hrs / shoplifter
Security at Marc’s advised he asked a female to see her receipt, because he did not believe she paid for everything & now she is yelling at him; officers spoke to the female, who provided a receipt. Checks ok

1623 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Resident in the 32100 block of Pendley reported a dark blue Chevy is parked unoccupied, with a lot of clothes inside of it; officers advised the vehicle is legally parked & the owner has an address in the city; checks ok for now

1650 hrs / noise complaint
Caller advised the neighbor on the 3rd floor of Shoregate Towers east, is playing their music loudly; upon arrival the officer heard music, while in front of the apartment door. The occupant was advised to keep the music down

2010 hrs / loud stereo
Resident at Shoregate Towers east reported, in the lot there is a dark blue vehicle with their lights on & the stereo cranked up; upon arrival officer advised no vehicles matching the description were found & no loud music was heard


THURSDAY, 02/04/21

0237 hrs / traffic stop –OVI
Traffic stop Lakeshore/Vine; driver taken into custody for OVI. Male was processed & released on bond; report taken

1049 hrs / traffic control signals
Caller advised the traffic light at Aldi’s is not working properly; officer sat in the area for two light cycles and noted the light is working correctly for all directions

1237 hrs / disturbance
Employee from OK Car Wash advised a silver VW, that will not leave the line; the driver was found to have a suspended license & was cited for same along with receiving a cite for marijuana possession. Vehicle towed

1255 hrs / noise complaint
Resident on the 5th floor of Shoregate Towers east advised the tenants above her are too loud; officers spoke with two juvenile males, who were loud upon their arrival, and their mother was notified

1333 hrs / accident
Caller reported his vehicle was struck by another car being driven by a female on Vine; the female suggested they pull into a parking lot, but she continued w/b onto Lakeshore, right on E294 to Cresthaven & back onto Lakeshore. Officers stopped the vehicle at the Willow Building. The female driver was cited for driving under suspension & her vehicle was towed. Officer advised there was no accident, the vehicles mirrors collided, and there was no damage

1356 hrs / suspicion
Caller reported a Honda has been parked at the Chase Bank ATM & a couple is inside arguing; male passenger detained & turned over to Mentor PD on their warrant & the female mother arrived on scene to drive the vehicle home

1451 hrs / parking complaint
Caller advised in the 32000 block of Densmore, a car is parked on the front lawn; the owner was outside moving cars around & this particular vehicle was moved

1530 hrs / noise complaint
Loud music at Absolute Car Wash; officer advised all is quiet upon arrival

1537 hrs / suspicion
Resident in the 29600 block of Lakeshore advised a male with red hair & wearing a lime green shirt, was peeping into his house; the male jumped over the fences, & ran through other backyards; officers checked area & no foot prints were found to collaborate the story. Officers also spoke to a neighbor, who has contractors working on their home and neither of them match the description

1601 hrs / assist person
Resident on E323 advised his grand-daughter has not been dropped off by the school bus; the bus garage was contacted & determined this bus had an earlier issue with an unhappy rider. The driver is back tracking the stops & will be at the stop in 10 mins. Resident advised

1653 hrs / fraud
Resident from E326 on post to report her social security number was used to file an unemployment claim; officer spoke to resident & advice given

1742 hrs / domestic violence
Caller in the 29200 block of Barjode advised he needs to the police; verbal argument between the caller & his girlfriend, who will be leaving for the night

1845 hrs / suspicious person
Officer located a male sleeping underneath the basement stairs in the west building at Shoregate Towers; male advised & sent on his way

1856 hrs / noise complaint
Report of a loud, live band playing at Stage Pass; officer advised music was not excessive upon arrival, but the establishment was informed of the complaint

2000 hrs / welfare check
Caller reported an elderly female is slumped over in a white Chevy at Marc’s; officers spoke to the female, who is ok and stated she is just tired

2103 hrs / assist other agency
Warrant service at the Bogside; subject arrested

2145 hrs / suspicious person
Caller advised a car drove slowly on E321 & dropped two people with hoodies off on Willowick Dr and were last seen walking w/b towards Bayridge; area checked unable to locate

2157 hrs / assist resident
Officer assisted a resident on Acacia, who locked herself out of the house

2250 hrs / suspicion
Resident in the 29600 block of Green reported something or someone hit the house & made a loud noise; officer advised he checked the property and found no damage. It’s possible it may have been snow or ice falling off the roof

2321 hrs / suspicion
Caller reported a male wearing a red jacket was standing in between cars & looking inside them at Willoughbeach Terrace; officers checked the property along with the lot at Shoregate Towers and no one was located

The Ohio Attorney General’s office website recently uploaded important information to the Coronavirus Resources and Guid...
Coronavirus Resources & Guidance - Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

The Ohio Attorney General’s office website recently uploaded important information to the Coronavirus Resources and Guidance webpage that addresses UNEMPLOYMENT FRAUD HELP. Upon visiting the below link, you will find answers on what to do if one suspects that someone has fraudulently filed for unemployment benefits in their name(contact ODJFS immediately) and other related information on identity theft.


The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has been made aware of a high number of fraudulent claims regarding Unemployment Benefits issued through the state of Ohio. Although the Ohio Attorney General cannot make a determination as to the validity of a claim – that must be handled by the Ohio Departmen...

Identity Theft Recovery Steps | IdentityTheft.gov

***Shared from Eastlake PD’s page***
Our department (and MANY others) have seen an increase with reports involving unemployment identity fraud. In a majority of these cases, the victim does not know until they receive a 1099 tax form in the mail. In these situations, it is advised to make a police report with your local agency and contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family services (they issue the unemployment checks). However, this fraud has become so prevalent, that the FTC website has a specific link to report it on their website (FTC.gov), you will go to their website, click the link to report identity theft and then it will take you to https://www.identitytheft.gov/, where you will then click the link (on the top-right) to specifically report 'unemployment fraud'. They then outline the steps that you will need to take to make the report with them and how to fix problems caused by identity theft, and it is a great list of what to do to follow up with the problems that identity fraud causes. As always, reporting to the 3 credit bureaus is advised (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) and keep monitoring your credit.

Recovering from identity theft is a process. Here’s step-by-step advice that can help you limit the damage, report identity theft, and fix your credit.

POLICE NEWS BY WILLOWICK DISPATCHFRIDAY, 01/29/210104 hrs / assist other agencyAssisting Willoughby PD looking for two m...


FRIDAY, 01/29/21

0104 hrs / assist other agency
Assisting Willoughby PD looking for two males that ran from a vehicle and were heading w/b near the tracks on Euclid at Campbell; Wickliffe and Willowick detained one male & the other subject was in custody

0224 hrs / traffic complaint
CSX was contacted for the tracks on E305 being blocked by a train

0909 hrs / suspicion
Resident on the 2nd floor at Shoregate Towers west reported hearing a male & female talking about guns and killing someone; officers advised it was quiet on their arrival. Officers spoke to the resident, who was having an argument with his girlfriend on the phone & he was advised to keep it down

0929 hrs / assist person
Resident on Powell reported her missing cat was taken by a female; officer spoke to both parties & the cat was returned to its’ owner

0931 hrs / assist person
Call received from a father seeking advice about his son being assaulted by two students @ Royalview; officer spoke to the school & they will handle the problem. Officer spoke with the father & reassured him the school will deal with the issue

0953 hrs / fraud
Resident on post to report his social security number was used to file an unemployment claim; report taken

1136 hrs / vehicle repossession
Vehicle taken from a Clarmont address and the owner is aware

1349 hrs / disabled vehicle
Officer assisted a female motorist, whose vehicle was hanging out into Lakeshore at the entrance of Convenient, by pushing it out of the roadway

1355 hrs / welfare check
Caller request a well check on their relative, who sent a strange text, in the 300 block of E329; officer spoke to resident who was upset, but she is at the house with her children and she in fine

1356 hrs / suspicious person
Resident in the 30200 block of Forestgrove advised two males at her door, one b/m is wearing a white camo jacket and both of the males have their hoods up & faces covered. Caller stated they did not knock or ring the doorbell; officers located both males from Direct Energy and they cannot show a permit from the city. Their boss is picking them up & he will figure out the permit issue

1405 hrs / traffic complaint
Caller reported a gray Silverado is driving erratically on Vine and just pulled into the OK Car Wash; officer with the driver who is not impaired, but made a lane mistake at the intersection of Vine/Willowick. Checks ok

1425 hrs / assist person
Female on post to report she is allegedly being stalked by an ex-boyfriends’ family members. Today while shopping at Savers Unique Thrift she saw an unknown female family member; advice given

1530 hrs / animal complaint
Caller reported in the 29100 block of Forestgrove, the neighbors’ dog is outside for hours in the cold & it has been barking for the past 40 mins. Officer spoke to the resident, at the address provided by the caller, and they do not own a dog. Officer advised the rest of the street is quiet

1626 hrs / juvenile complaint
Caller reported his girlfriends’ son attempted to run away from the house on E329, but while the caller was on the line, the juvenile came back. Officer spoke to the caller & the son, advice given & the juvenile will try to follow the rules

1630 hrs / fraud
Resident on E314 reported her and her mothers’ social security numbers were used to apply for unemployment; officer spoke with both of them & advised them how to report this to unemployment. They were happy with that & did not want a report

1922 hrs / disturbance
Caller reported hearing slamming doors & people yelling in the 30100 block of Thomas; officers advised the residents’ dog got loose & she was yelling for the dog; checks ok

1938 hrs / animal complaint
Resident on Dickerson advised a dog has been barking for over two hours in the back yard of a house on Pendley; officer advised the dog was in the house upon arrival & the homeowner was advised of the complaint

2256 hrs / disturbance
Officer reported a fight at the Bogside & Wickliffe PD assisting; officers advised things have calmed down & the area has cleared out


SATURDAY, 01/30/21

0045 hrs / traffic stop – OVI
Officer stopped vehicle on SR2 w/b before Lloyd; male driver taken into custody for OVI. Male was processed and being held for bond; report taken

0618 hrs / alarm
Activation received for Avenue Food & Beverage; building secure

0904 hrs / animal complaint
Complaint of a barking dog for the past 20 mins in the 30700 block of Crescent; officer checked the area & all is quiet

1003 hrs / traffic complaint
Transfer call from Willoughby PD; Caller reported a slow moving gold vehicle on SR2 w/b, with an elderly female driver. Officer sat in the area, unable to locate vehicle

1134 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Caller in the 400 block of E324 advised a dark gray Prius is parked in front of her house and when she pulled into the drive the vehicle left towards Lakeshore; officer stopped vehicle and spoke to the driver was delivering food, checks ok

1244 hrs / theft from auto
Resident in the 700 block of Bayridge, reported their unlocked vehicle was entered & items were taken; report made

1528 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Officer checking an occupied vehicle behind Shoregate Towers; checks ok male was looking at the lake

1925 hrs / disturbance
Report of a male & female fighting outside the Bogside; officers advised this was a family altercation and the male (son) left with another person. All parties are highly intoxicated & the female (mom) was transported home to Eastlake

2141 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Report of an occupied vehicle parked on Shoreland Circle; officers spoke to the vehicle occupants & one individual was cited for marijuana possession

2347 hrs / domestic violence
Report of a male & female in a heated argument at Bay Club Apartments; male half is leaving for the evening. Report taken


SUNDAY, 01/31/21

0016 hrs / suspicion
Resident in the 31000 block of Ronald advised he has a male on his camera walking through his backyard; officer advised a w/m, jumped the fence over to Ronald & possibly got into a white pickup. Officers checked area, unable to locate

0355 hrs / loud stereo
Report of loud music coming from a vehicle in a drive in the 400 block of Maplewood; vehicle gone prior to officer arrival

0359 hrs / assist person
Resident at the trailer park would like an officer to check a room, to make sure no one is in there; officer advised the closet checks ok

0619 hrs / suspicion
Resident in the 31600 block of Douglas reported hearing a loud thud & believes someone is breaking into his vehicle; officer advised there are no tracks in the snow near the vehicles & it is unknown what the noise was

1030 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Caller reported a tan truck doing donuts in the parking lot of Savers; officers checked the lot & the vehicle was not located

1241 hrs / disturbance
Caller reported being involved in a disturbance, with family members who came over, to gather items in the 28400 block of Arlington Circle; officers advised verbal argument over estate issues. All parties were advised this is a civil matter & to seek the advice of an attorney

1305 hrs / disturbance
Female caller locked herself in the bathroom in the 32100 block of Dickerson, because there is a male at the residence that will not leave; officers advised this was a verbal argument & the male gathered some belongings & is leaving

1333 hrs / escort
Caller request an officer stand by while she retrieves some belongings from a house in the 30500 block of Willowick Dr; items gathered without incident

1518 hrs / welfare check
Central received a call from a female crying and then the line disconnected in the 29600 block of Lakeshore; officers spoke to the homeowner who advised her child got a hold of the cell phone that sent an SOS call; checks ok

1544 hrs / accident
Non-injury accident on Vine by Wendy’s; report taken

1546 hrs / vehicle lockout
Assisted at Giant Eagle

1649 hrs / juvenile complaint
Caller in the 300 block of E323 reported a group of juveniles are playing football in the street, they are running on the tree lawns & she does not want them on her lawn; she also thinks they will break a window with the football. Officer spoke to the group who were playing in front of their house. They were advised of the complaint & will stay in their yard or go to the park

1733 hrs / unwanted guest
Caller reported her boyfriend’s son is intoxicated & she does not want him in the apartment, because she is afraid of him; officers advised the male barricaded himself in the bathroom. Officers were able to make contact with the male, who had a warrant with Geauga County Sheriffs’ Department & was detained awaiting confirmation. GCSO request this male be advised & released; male informed of warrant & transported to BP at 91/90

1918 hrs / disturbance
Bogside advised an intoxicated male hit a vehicle in the parking lot. They took his keys & want to provide him a ride home, but he won’t leave; officers with the male who backed his vehicle into another car. The owner of the car, that was hit, stated she has no damage & does not want a report. Officer transported male home to Harbor Crest Apartments in Euclid

1949 hrs / suspicious vehicle
Officer checking a vehicle on Vine at E312; this was an Uber driver looking at directions. She was advised to pull into a parking lot


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Willowick, OH


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