NERA - National Electoral Reform Agenda

NERA - National Electoral Reform Agenda The ultimate goal of N.E.R.A is to ensure that Zimbabwe achieves democracy through a peaceful and de

Pushed by the status of the uneven electoral terrain in Zimbabwe, N.E.R.A was formed as a bipartisan front to enable all pro-democracy parties to speak with one voice and push for electoral reforms. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Zimbabwe achieves democracy through a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. This can only be realized through an electoral process which is fair, free and cred

Pushed by the status of the uneven electoral terrain in Zimbabwe, N.E.R.A was formed as a bipartisan front to enable all pro-democracy parties to speak with one voice and push for electoral reforms. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Zimbabwe achieves democracy through a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. This can only be realized through an electoral process which is fair, free and cred

Operating as usual


Blast from the past that remains true and Will remain true until we free Zimbabwe from Zanu Pf’s shackles.


Press Statement


Harare –16 JULY, 2017 – The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), as part of its observation of the Chiwundura National Assembly by-election, deployed 15 static and mobile observers. The static observers were deployed at ten ward collation centres, and the constituency collation centre, whilst the mobile teams were roving around the Constituency.

President Mugabe proclaimed 15 July 2017 as the date for the Chiwundura by-election to fill the vacancy that arose following the death of the incumbent ZANU PF Member of Parliament, Mr Kizito Chivamba, who died on 19 April 2017 following a short illness.

Election Observation Methodology
ZESN conducts its observation efforts in conformity with the Declaration of Global Principles for Citizen Election Observation and Monitoring which was launched at the United Nations on 3 April 2012 as well as the Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation in the SADC Region (PEMMO). The findings and recommendations of this election observation are made in reference to the laws of Zimbabwe, the Revised Southern African Development Community (SADC) Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections as well as other regional and African election guidelines and principles. In addition, ZESN’s observation methodology seeks to measure compliance of the Election Day processes with the Constitution, Electoral Laws and the aforementioned regional and international standards that govern the conduct of elections.

Voters’ roll
ZESN again observed the continued use of the two voters’ rolls by the Commission, a new roll with those who registered for the by-election as well as the 2013 supplementary voters’ roll. This has become a trend in all the by-elections that ZESN has observed post 2013 harmonised elections.

Of concern in the Chiwundura by-election, ZESN mobile observers received reports of anomalies that were unearthed by the Commission during the de-duplication exercise and audit of the Chiwundura voters’ roll. ZEC informed the ZESN mobile observer team that there were irregularities relating to the appearance of persons with the same name and surname, date and place of birth but with different identification numbers and photos on their national identification documents.

According to ZEC there are some records of people with exactly the same first name, surname, gender and date of birth but with different identification numbers. Some voters are reported to have identification numbers that are invalid. This reinforces ZESN calls for ZEC to discard the 2013 voter roll which continues to affect the credibility, confidence and trust of the ZEC and elections.

ZESN calls upon ZEC to provide clarity on the reported anomalies, “This clarity will enhance stakeholder confidence in electoral processes and allay fears that have been raised by stakeholders with regards to possible double registration or electoral malpractices particularly in view of the impending Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) process”, says the ZESN Chairperson Mr Andrew Makoni.

“The explanation by ZEC is important as the same issues are likely to appear at a larger scale when the final audit of the BVR register is conducted. If these issues are not clarified and rectified they can be detrimental to the credibility of future elections in Zimbabwe”, he reiterated. There is also need for the Registrar General to investigate and rectify this issue, as the office in charge of issuing the national identification documents.

Ballot papers
At all the polling stations that ZESN observed, there were sufficient ballot papers. According to ZEC, Fidelity Printers and Refiners (Private) Ltd was given the mandate to print 43 800 ballot papers for use in the Chiwundura National Assembly Constituency by-election . The ballot papers printed were premised on the total number of registered voters for Chiwundura Constituency which was 43 688 for both the new and supplementary voters’ rolls. ZESN has observed in the previous by-elections that very few voters on the supplementary roll turn out on polling day. ZESN is concerned with the apparent waste of resources through the continued use of two voters’ roll by the Commission given the financial constraints currently being experienced.

Voter turnout
By and large, voter turnout was low in the Chiwundura by-election especially in the urban wards as compared to preceding National Assembly by-elections. The majority of voters who turned out were the elderly population. ZESN observed low participation of the youths, a trend that continues to emerge in almost all by-elections observed by ZESN post the 2013 elections. In order to increase youth participation in future electoral processes, deliberate efforts should be directed towards targeted voter education for the youths.

The overall turnout for the Chiwundura by-election was very low, recording a dismal 23.6%.

Assisted voters
ZESN also noted insignificant numbers of assisted voters in most polling stations, attributed to illiteracy, old age and disability. For instance, some very low numbers of assisted voters were recorded Fletcher secondary where our observer reported that only one person (female) was assisted. The low number of assisted voters could be reflective of the low turnout that was observed in the by-election and part of the consistency is in an urban set –up were literacy levels are high.

Polling Procedures and Conduct of ZEC Polling Staff
ZESN observer reports revealed that all polling stations successfully completed setup and opening procedures on time by 7AM. At polling stations that ZESN observed, all the required voting materials such as ballot boxes, ballot papers, ZEC official stamp, indelible ink marker pens and the voters’ roll were available at the time of opening. All observed polling stations were adequately manned with an average of six polling officials, 50% of them being female.

Political Party Agents
At all polling stations where ZESN had observed, ZANU PF had party agents (as many as three in some cases) while the NCA only deployed at very few polling stations and the other two parties, Free Zimbabwe Congress and Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe having no agents at the polling stations where ZESN had static observers and visited by its mobile teams. Section 95(1a and b) of the Electoral Act provides for the presence of a party agent in each polling station where the candidate is standing for election and two within the vicinity of such a polling station. This allows for party agents to assess both the inside and outside of the polling station as they are 'watch dogs' of their respective political parties or independent candidates. Thus an agent has a crucial role of monitoring electoral practices and draw attention to any malpractices that may arise.

Voting and Counting
Voting went on relatively peaceful throughout the day at polling stations where ZESN visited or had static observers. In addition, counting was conducted in line with the prescribed procedures with results being posted outside the polling stations and at the constituency collating centre. At all polling stations that ZESN observed closing of polling and counting, party agents who were present signed the V11 forms.

Pre-election Environment
ZESN observed that the environment prior to the election was relatively tense with reports of political intolerance and isolated incidence of violence in the build-up to the by-election. Reports of intimidation of voters and partisan distribution of food aid were also noted, particularly in Ward 14. The role of traditional leaders in mobilising the electorate to vote for a particular party, sometimes through manipulative means was also noted in the Constituency as observed in most by-elections post 2013 elections.

Only one party, ZANU PF was visible in terms of campaigns, with some of its rallies addressed by the party’s top leaders, such as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere on 12 July 2017. The party also held door-to door campaigns. However, the other contesting parties’ campaigns were not very visible according to ZESN members who reside in the Constituency.

By-Election Results
Candidate Political Party S*x Votes Received
Ndlovu Brown ZANU-PF M 9426
Guzete Takudzwa NCA M 445
Mudzviti Brighton Free Zim Congress M 145
Zulu Webster PDZ M 118
Rejected 187
Total Votes Cast 10 321
Total Valid Votes Cast 10 134
Voter Population 43 688
% Poll 23.6%
Source: ZEC

1. ZEC should speed up the biometric voter registration (BVR) process so that it comes up with a clean, comprehensive and new voters’ roll. In view of the impending 2018 harmonised elections, the biometric based voters’ roll will enable ZEC to de-duplicate as this is one of the strongest advantages of the BVR.

2. In view of the unearthed anomalies of double registrants, ZEC should discard the continued use of the 2013 voters’ roll as it compromises the credibility of elections.

3. ZESN calls upon ZEC to publicly issue a statement on the reported anomalies with regards to duplicates, and invalid IDs to instill public confidence in the electoral processes, particularly the voter registration.

4. There is also need for the Registrar General to investigate irregularities relating to the appearance of persons with the same name and surname, date and place of birth but with different identification numbers and photos on their national identification documents as well as the invalid identity numbers and to rectify these issues, as they are the institution in charge of issuing the national identification documents.

5. Deliberate efforts should be directed towards targeted voter education for the youths in order to increase their participation in electoral processes.

6. There is need for ZEC to ensure that there are comprehensive voter education programmes that are aimed at increase citizen participation in electoral processes, in particular voter turn-out.

7. ZEC should avail demographic data it collects during polling to stakeholders so that targeted voter education programmes are designed.

8. ZEC should adopt an open data policy to enhance trust and confidence in electoral processes.

9. To improve transparency ZEC should produce a single voters’ roll which adheres to principles of voter registration.

ZESN Chairperson Mr Andrew Makoni: +263772234891
ZESN Director Mrs Rindai Chipfunde Vava: +263712415902
[email protected], [email protected]
Facebook: Zimbabwe Election Support Network |Twitter: Zimbabwe Election Support Network(ZESN)

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


Demo, Demo, Demo,Demo

MDC T Harare Province Youth Assembly is inviting all progressive Zimbabweans to join hands and participate in a peaceful demonstration to demand the following from ZEC. 👇�

1.The removal of proof of residence as a pre-requisite to register as a voter

2. The increase of registration centres in urban areas.

3. Immediate commencement of voter education on Biometric Voter Registration

4.Depolitisization of the election governing board (ZEC)

5. Who is providing the Central System for BVR ..WE NEED A NAME NOW.

Date :Wednesday 12 July 2017

Time :10am

Venue:State Lottery (Town House)

Transport will be available at your usual pickup points.

NB: Police has been notified

Inserted by
MDC T Harare Province Youth Assembly


UZ student activist FANUEL KASEKE has been reported MISSING since Wed 28 June 2017. Pls share & contact #'s below if u have any info Dylan Masowa 0781408205 or Tenda kaseke 0776164395. Update- Wednesday 5 July. Fanuel has been located NOW at Mbare police Station. Human Rights lawyers have been dispatched

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


NERA Rally Bulawayo!


Powerful! Nera rally BYO


Bulawayo NERA YOUTH Forum Voter Education Rally . President TZ Jacob Ngarivhume speaks


Bulawayo NERA YOUTH Forum Voter Education Rally . Vice-President MDC_N Rita Ndlovu speaks


Bulawayo NERA YOUTH Forum Voter Education Rally . Vice-President MDC_T Khupe speaks

Bulawayo Nera Youth Forum Rally in the pictures

Bulawayo Nera Youth Forum Rally in the pictures

NERA Youth Forum Rally Bulawayo

NERA Youth Forum Rally Bulawayo

Bulawayo Youth are ready for change in 2018

Bulawayo Youth are ready for change in 2018

NERA Youth Forum Bulawayo youth prepares for Nera Invasion .

NERA Youth Forum Bulawayo youth prepares for Nera Invasion .

Nera Youth heading to Bulawayo Saturday 17th June 2018

Nera Youth heading to Bulawayo Saturday 17th June 2018



Despite A strong recommendation from NERA to award tender to the German Company which had BY far Superior equipment ZEC Under the directive of Zimbabwe Procurement Board has awarded THE Tender to the Chinese Firm . We must however remain vigilant as there MANY issues which are yet TO BE resolved which based on ZEC behaviour may never be resolved timely.

NERA had raised several issues regarding including BUT NOT limited to the following

1. It IS still very Unclear when Voter Education or Registration will begin. It is very important that ZEC understand it over a (1) year behind on its own time frame.

What ZEC announced today was only who was awarded the BVR KIT tender and it must be noted that this was done only after questions were raised by some organisations regarding ZEC silence.

Given the Fact that ZEC is extremely behind its on Time Frame will ZEC give citizens enough time for voter education and Voter Registration OR will Voter Education and Voter Registration be rushed that millions of opposition voters are left disenfranchised.

2.NERA has also expressed concern regarding the issue of our Stakeholders Observer’s not being allowed to ask questions to the BVR companies during the BVR Validation Process. It is still very unclear when and if Stakeholders observers will be allowed to ask questions on issues the stakeholder team noted during Validation Field Tests. It is now even more important than ever for Stakeholder’s to be allowed to interrogate Chinese Firm thoroughly before any implementation. Some issues for interrogation include but not limited to

a. An explanation by the Chinese Firm on what appeared to be preloaded data. BVR Kits were supposed to be empty however the Chinese Kits appeared to contain preloaded Data

b. Wattage and Amperage of Solar Panel. NERA had recommended that both BVR KIT providers improve their Wattage and Amperage their equipment solar panels

c. The issue with kits failing weather and pressure tests and how this was fixed and when and if more validation tests will be conducted to ensure issues with kits were resolved.

3. ZEC has not clearly articulated where BVR machines will be housed and security for BVR kits.

4.The Custodian of the Servers. It also remains very unclear where the actual BVR servers will come from and how they will be maintained. The servers will contain the actual Voter Data. IT is still very unclear to Stakeholders how and where ZEC intends to keep the Servers and who would have access to those Kits and Servers. We also need clarity who and what type of security will be used to safe guard the servers.

5. Custodian of Voter Data Issue. ZEC said voter data will be transferred physically from the polling stations, to districts server and then National Server ON memory stick (USB) The details of how this will be done and the security surrounding it is STILL VERY UNCLEAR

6. ZEC has not responded to issues raised in our submission on the Voter Registration Draft submitted in April which was over 60 days ago. IT is unclear when ZEC will discuss Voter Registration Draft with stakeholders and when a final Draft will be up for review. Issues Raised in the Voter Registration Draft included but where not limited to the following

a. Voter Registration for people who are listed as “Aliens”. Children of parents from other African countries who are citizens of Zimbabwe are listed as “Aliens “on their National ID although they are citizens. In 2012 those people had difficulty registering to vote. ZEC HAS NOT MADE it clear that these citizens will be able register.

b. Proof of Residence issues. In the Voter Registration Draft ZEC had stipulated proof of residence was a mandatory which left thousand disenfranchised. For example, there are many Zimbabweans who live on the Banks of Mukuvisi River and other informal settlements how will they able to register.

c. ZEC is yet to resolve the Poll mapping issues. Election poll mapping is the process of identifying and verifying specific polling stations for the 2018 elections. In the past ZEC and ZANU PF have had ballots counted from bogus polling stations. NERA Youth discovered Several Polling Station at ZANU PF political member Residences. For example, A school owned by ZANU PF candidate Jasby Omar (JB primary school) was used as a polling station in just ended by election.

There are a lot of irregularities around poll mapping because what is on the maps and what is on the ground does not match. For example, in Epworth ward 7 there is an area called Rex Nhongo, it’s not on their maps and it’s not clear how many people live in that area. You will realize that even a thousand people can use same address to register to vote which was created by ZEC to just say Rex Nhongo cooperative. ZEC must clearly articulate a plan to consult with Stakeholders and deal with polling station issues that are in areas prohibited by Section 51 of the Electoral Act.

d. ZEC has not clarified instructions as to what is recognised as Biological traits to ensure the electorate is well informed and polling station observers and monitors are clear to avoid confusion

e. ZEC must define the term from “time to time” in relation to 2018 election. Time to time is a broad statement which needs further clarification and definition to avoid confusion and abrupt changes which may inconvenience and disadvantage the electorate.

F. The Original agreement with Opposition Stakeholders was a 1000 voters per polling station. ZEC has changed that number to 1500 in the voter registration draft without consultation of Opposition Stakeholders.

G. The issue of Assisted Voters. ZEC must clearly articulate guidelines for assisted voters. Voters requiring assistance must be clearly marked on the voter and information must be provided on why they require assistance. ZEC must clearly state guidelines for poll officers involved in voter assistance. Those aiding must be neutral and must not be affiliated with any political party. There have been instances in the past where ZANU PF assists voters who do not require assistance to ensure they vote for ZANU PF

H. ZEC must clearly articulate process of checking for duplication on Voter Roll to ensure a voter is only registered in one constituency or polling station. ZEC must list the Time frames for notifying voters of changes in polling station and the Process of notifying Stakeholders of changes in voter roll

I. In Voter Registration Draft ZEC stated they could change boundaries for polling station. ZEC must clearly articulate the time frames for changing boundaries. When can these boundaries change Does It mean, A week, two weeks’, A month, Three months, A Year before elections. ZEC must clear articulate under which circumstance changes of boundaries for polling stations will be done

These are some of the issues still to be discussed and with less than 15 months to the election it is of great concern that ZEC is taking its time discussing and resolving these issues with Stakeholders and Citizens.






Our country Zimbabwe and the youths therein are undergoing through serious economic, social and political challenges that have undermined the process of continuous quality development of the youths and Zimbabwe at large. This crisis has emanated from the crisis of legitimacy which was a result of the rampant rigging of election under the watchful eye of a corrupt and evil regime that has captured the state and all its arms.

The electoral process in this country has been marred by voters’ roll discrepancies, militarization of the electoral process, and the partiality of the Zimbabwe electoral body, voter intimidation, violence and lastly political exclusion and marginalization of youths. These have resulted in youth being in an impoverished state, as the majority of us are unemployed and underemployed.

As NERA youth Forum we believe that the only way to mitigate the crisis bedeviling our country is through conducting free, fair and peaceful elections which is not realistically possible under the status quo.

The National Electoral Reforms Agenda together with other progressive forces were able to push ZEC into adopting suggested key reforms that will level the political landscape and the adoption of the Bio-Metric Voter registration system was a major victory as it guarantees the halt of abuse of our dearly departed colleagues who were only resurrected during elections, The Bio-Metric system also guarantees that no multiple votes are cast during elections and ensures a new and clean Voters roll thereby mitigating existing loopholes in the current electoral processes.

As Nera youth forum we are dismayed and outraged by ZEC’s deliberate ploy to systematically and technically delay the implementation of the BVR system in the country, since up to now the supply side process is still incomplete and ZEC is yet to finalize on whom will win the tender, we are extremely concerned since ZEC had set May as the month they will begin countrywide voter registrations and to date May is about to end and no voter registration process is in progress, however it is sad to note that ZEC is mum as no formal communication has come from ZEC in regards to the issue.

On the same ZEC is also yet to put in place a legal frame work that will govern the BVR system which means that BVR is still a non-existence as far as the law is concerned, and it is yet to submit the same to parliament for refining, adoption and enactment as a law and that the BVR system is not even on the parliamentary schedule for debate. This is proof enough that ZEC which has the manpower both intellectually and physically is deliberately delaying these processes and is acting in bad faith, we believe so bearing in mind the period it takes to pass a law in the country and as well as the period it takes to procure, install and test the BVR system.

It is quite clear that ZEC is deliberating stalling the process so as to revert back to the Mudede’s Voters’ Roll which is subject to abuse and manipulation and has been at the core of electoral contestations in the past. We however call on ZEC to act on these issues with haste since we are running out of time and failure to do so, we as the youth forum will make sure that we will disrupt all electoral proceeding done without the BVR system and make the country ungovernable. ZEC’s actions coupled with Mugabe’s remarks on the BVR system further shows that ZEC is a captured system, one that we have openly lost confidence in to conduct the elections of the country.

We are also aware of recent attempts by a group of state operatives who are pestering the courts to have ZEC adopt the use of personal identification cards over the BVR system in conducting elections. The actions by these egocentric, ignorant, elitist and non-people centered individuals who are ignorant of the plight of the people of the country, who are reeling in abject poverty due to bad governance and abuse of state resources, shows that the regime is aware that they cannot manipulate the BVR system and is proposing that we use a system that is under the Register General who has completely failed to be impartial and has supervised over elections that were bitterly contested, is an issue the youths of Zimbabwe cannot bother to ponder and fathom and however call upon on the youths to demonstrate and take to the street over this proposed system as it only prolongs the suffering of the masses.

The NERA youth forum is committed in taking this repressive regime head on as we continue to push for electoral reforms and conduct countrywide voter educations campaigns that are aimed at ensuring civic engagement and increased youth participation in politics.

As NERA Youth Forum, we are committing ourselves to protecting our rights and preservation of our future and those of the generations to come. We are forever committed to sacrifice our lives in defense of our rights and most of all to ensure that a new Zimbabwe becomes a possibility for the betterment of future generations.

We condemn any futile attempt to silent the voices of the Zimbabwean youth, we are aware of deliberate ploys by state apparatus from preventing our voter education campaign rally to take course, we would like to make it public knowledge that no amount of hindrance will stop the event from happening.
As NERA YOUTHS we are calling all the youths from all walks of life to REGISTER TO VOTE in their numbers as we continue demystify the electoral process of this great land and quench the misinformation that has prevailed amongst the youths in past years.





MDC_T PRESIDENT speaks about ZEC


MDC_T President Speaks on the Role of the Security Services


MDC_T President speaks on BVR


MDC_T President speaks on Mugabe


MDC_T President Speaks on Coalition


MDC_T President Tsvangirai Speaks about Aliens

Nera Youth Forum Rally about to begin in Chinhoyi

Nera Youth Forum Rally about to begin in Chinhoyi


NERA Youth excited as Morgan Tavangirai NERA Convenor arrives with other leaders





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Linjani bakwethu, Zimbabweans let's all rise and sign the petition attached

The Electoral System set by Zanupf aligned ZEC is no fair for the opposition parties, in simple terms we are saying No Reforms No Voting....

The BVR system has a lot of flaws and no one has access to the data base at its Servers and you can't authenticate the data.Remember Zanupf has been using the same system to register its 2million members for the past 2years.....thus Zanupf has a data base they can manipulate with the current data base collected by the BVR system. ........Remember in 2013 political parties had a just sneak look at the Voter's Roll which was released only 2days before elections thus the Opposition had no time to authenticate it.

The documentation needed & procedures for one to register is unconstitutional causing the general populace to be frustrated not to register thus we are repeating the 2013 situation that led 9.6 million Zimbabweans not voting......

Zanupf is refusing International observers who are jurists and not soldiers to come to monitor both the registration and voting process.Our question is what are they hiding......remember Thabo mbeki and SADC called the 2008 and 2013 elections free and fair yet we all know they where rigged(so much evidence).....Thabo mbeka & AU called the currently illegitimated Kenya elections free and fair yet the judicial system proclaimed the null and void 🤷🏿‍♂🤷🏿‍♂🤷🏿‍♂Doesnt it bother why Mugabe decided to donated 1million dollars recently to AU yet the country is suffering...... Kukhona okushaya amanzi(bribe of some sort🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂) Yet Zanupf has denied Diaspora vote saying its an expensive exercise but they gave Zimbabweans taxpayers money of 1million US dollars to AU...Its our constitutional right that we Diaspora should Vote but denied..... OK where is the 15 billion US dollars from the Diamond mines extracting 4.7million carats of diamonds yearly??

Thus the whole Electorate process is captured, illegal and unconstitutional.

Section 58 of the Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to freedom of assembly and association. Section 59 guarantees the right to demonstrate and present petitions provided that these rights are exercised peacefully. Section 149 gives every citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe the right to petition Parliament to consider any matter within its authority but we have undemocratic laws of Posa and Aippa being forced on Zimbabwean citizens.....!!!!!🤷🏿‍♂🤷🏿‍♂🤷🏿‍♂

My fellow Zimbabweans we can't keeping doing the same thing again and again yet we want a different results!!!!.That's madness from a highly proclaimed learned State,thats why as Drp we are saying as long as there are no Reforms let's not Vote....rather let there be a Caretaker government represented by all political parties with principles similar to the likes of the 2009 GNU or NTA but with better structures to restore the economy 1st, and the setting in place of an Economic Reform Agenda aimed at the following: Debt management, and recovery of misappropriated assets, nationally and internationally; comprehensive macro-economic fundamentals; policy consistency; land policy and property rights; revival of productive sectors; and mobilising the diaspora into the economic life of the country, Reform the Electorate and make sure the postponed elections are free and fair.....Thus let the better Man will be elected in power by merit

Written & Arranged by Mdalawethu Nkosi,DRP
✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Viva Brian Mubvumbi DRP President
The unfolding of events in the past week has necessitated breaking our silence. *We cannot suffer in silence*. We all welcome and appreciate the convenience that social media platforms have provided to us the general populace, but ladies and gentlemen the use of these platforms require discipline and maturity. Let us all desist from peddling falsehoods whose effects we can never undo in a day. Whilst it is now apparent that posts that were circulated on Friday were nothing but a hoax, their effects are still being felt and it will take some time to stabilize the economy.
As concerned citizens not interested in politics but our wellbeing, WE STRONGLY WARN the business community to desist from taking advantage of the situation. We are already near boiling point and will not hesitate to take remedial action in our personal capacities in full force.
What you are doing by raising prices beyond our reach is an infringement on the rights of the already suffering *POVO*, depriving us of the very basics humans need to survive while you get richer.
Be warned that if you persist in your inhumane, utterly insensitive and unethical practises we shall take it upon ourselves to do justice to you at your businesses or even your homes, whether you are Black, Asian or White.*
Cde Chombo Shut up and handover Grace Mugabe to SA courts for prosecution!!!!!!
We note with rage, the unrepentant character of ZANU PF of perpetually capturing and abusing state institutions for their partisan interests. The remarks by Ignatious Chombo at the recently held Grace Mugabe solidarity march that “those insulting or demeaning Grace Mugabe face imminent arrest are not just reckless, they amount to blatant abuse of the constitutional mandate of the police service as qualified in Chapter 11 Section 219 (1) and 219(3)”
In particular his orders that police apprehend anti-Grace citizens are a flagrant breach of Sections 58, 59 and 61 of the constitution which bestow upon all citizens of the Republic of Zimbabwe freedom of assembly and association, freedom to demonstrate and petition and freedom of expression and freedom of the media respectively.
Criticizing Grace, demonstrating and or petitioning her or refusal to associate with her are full constitutional privileges hence the attempt by Chombo to direct police service to curtail the same are illegal and unconstitutional. There is no law in Zimbabwe which exempts Grace from public scrutiny.
As part of the immediate likely targets of Chombo’s directive we wish to categorically advise the Home Affairs Minister to stop forthwith usurping the mandate of the police to further partisan interests. NERA Youth Forum, War Veterans, Manzou farmers and any such other citizen or class of citizens of Zimbabwe who have taken a stand against Grace Mugabe’s impunity and insolence need not take heed of your veiled threats.
Instead of immortalising Grace Mugabe, we challenge Minister Chombo to be exemplary and handover Grace Mugabe to the South African Courts for prosecution in her alleged grievous assault of Gabriella Engels to save the worsening Zimbabwe-South Africa diplomatic ties from further deterioration.
The agitation of NERA Youth Forum, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, Afriforum and many other groupings civic or political for the prosecution of Grace Mugabe is an apparent testament that the First lady is a fugitive from justice.
NERA Youth Forum will never be silenced by your threats, the intimidation by police and state security elements or ZANU PF sycophantic antics. All men and women are equal before the law. We thus encourage all Zimbabweans to be bold and speak out against tyranny, brutality and impunity of anyone no matter their political standing.
Minister Chombo should be kindly reminded of Section 219(3) of the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe which reads
‘The police service must be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional and subordinate to the civilian authority as established by this Constitution’
Issued for and on behalf of NEA Youth Forum
Signed Tawanda Kalonga. Chairman
Davis Jnr Mukushwa. Information Director
Dated 03 September 2017
Hello Zimbabweans
Please fire or displine mai Mujuru for taking on the president the people's choice Dr Morgan Tswangirai. Who really does she want to lead I wonder???
WHY MA********ON IS A SIN…..Please read this!
Harare, Zimbabwe
To start with, ma********on is self service by which one derives pleasure; it’s a sexual stimulation of the ge****ls, usually to the point of or**sm. So the question: Is it sinful for a child of God to ma******te? The sincere and simple answer is that, it is biblical sinful based on these three points:
Pastors and preachers who claim that ma********on is not a sin are the same people who say a godly woman can dress any how; their base is that God’s is not concern about what you do with your body, watch out!
Such teaching of your body is not God’s business is satanic and unbiblical. Romans 12:1, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” Your heart is the throne of God, and your body is His temple; when you defile God’s temple – your body – with ma********on or any uncleanness, you expose yourself to God’s destruction.
Any action by which one derives sexual pleasure – or**sm – apart from, between husband and wife, such is sexual immorality. There are several sexual immoralities like fornication, adultery, ma********on, homosexuality, etc. Those who involve in ma********on before or after marriage are immoral people before God. 1 Corinthians 5:9, “I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people.”
Any habit you like to do in secret which you don’t want people to have the knowledge that you are doing is a secret sin, and ma********on is part of it, it’s something usually done in secret, after you dedicate your life to Jesus. You can’t have fellow children of God in the same room and you begin to ma******te. You can sleep or snore while people are around, but you can’t ma******te while good and godly people are around.
You can’t finish ma******te and you feel free in God’s presence, your conscience will tell you something is wrong, that you are defiled. If you now feel no quilt in ma********ng, it means you have silenced or killed your conscience, since the Spirit of God will not continue to strive with a man, but you know it wasn’t like that at the initial.

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