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Zimbabweans showed political maturity yesterday during that.Solidarity March. Everything was done collectively and peacefully. Let this spirit of peace and oneness.prevail to next year's well.


Grace Mugabe Solidarity March !!!!!!
Can someone help me understand the meaning of the so called Solidarity March.
Grace Mugabe committed her offence willingly and intentionally knowing it was going to put her in trouble .
Wake up Zimbabwe where are we getting in as youths, why do we support her, regardless her being the First Lady, she was suppose to lead by example , let's not be used my fellow youths ,let Grace face her music alone and let's be focused with our future.
Love Peace, Love Zimbabwe


What actually got into our neighboring country South Africa. This culture of young girls and women being murdered nearly everyday leaves nothing but fear in every South African woman. What is the problem ?


Peace starts with you. As the nation gears for elections next year ,let's be ambassadors of peace, not perpetrators of violence.. Let's take a stance in our various communities to ensure that we participate in peace initiatives.
Love Peace,Love Zimbabwe


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We welcome all views from all members. We are nt affiliated to any political party, bt we welcome peace loving youths regardless of their political affiliations to give their views. No hate speech. We all peace loving Youths. Together we can make Zimbabwe a better place. We dont wait for tomorrow, let us take our leadership role today. Love Peace Love Zimbabwe.

26/08/2016 much as we support protests,let us do them.peacifully, as respecting peoples property. What is the point of destroying peoples property, let us consider this my fellow Zimbabweans. Love Peace Love Zimbabwe.

Youths for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe

Youths for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe

Youths for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe's cover photo

Youths for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe's cover photo


It is right to demonstrate so that we may be heard, bt aftr all we must do tht peacifully , no demolitions ,no looting. Lets just do it in a peaciful manner. Zimbabwe it's our-beautiful nation


Day of the African Child (Zim), Youth Day (SA). What are your messages ?. Its now 40-years aftee some of our brothers and sisters lost their lives fighting against the Apartheid regime in South Afica. Lets take a stance in all our communities in fighting all forms of injustices that we are facing nearly everyday. Lets be agents of change, development, peace,justice and democracy. We lead today not tommorrow. #100%Youth


2018 is around the corner, the nation will be going for another election. This is the time we put all efforts to ensure peace prevails. Youths and women are vulnerable groups in every community, lets take our stance in ensuring peace, rather lets be ambassadors and agents of peace. Love Peace,Love Zimbabwe


Happy Independence to our Beloved Nation Zimbabwe, May Justice & Peace prevail in you.


Happy Independence Day to our beloved nation Zimbabwe, May Justice & Peace prevail in you.


If u think u are too Small to make a difference in your communities as bringing peace is concerned, u have never been in bed with a mosquito


as youth what can we do as from grassroots level to be head


Peace makers if you think you too small to make a difference, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.


Youths and women are vulnerable groups in every society. Let's stand our way lead today. I normally laugh when i hear that"Youths are leaders of tomorrow " ,and the question is, When is our tomorrow?. Remember our parents were youths and they were told the same thing, bt they didn't take a lead. Let's lead today,and create our own destinies and remember. What is meant for us,without us is not ours.


Alda Gloria Irakoze, we are with you and the People of Burundi in, lobbying and advocating for peace in your country. Let it prevail.


Let's learn guys,u see this video which went viral on social Media where these two Zimbabwean girls claim to had been r***d. If u look closely these girls knew exactly wht the job offer was for, only after they failed to perform, they start crying foul. Tisade zvinhu guys esp girls u end up being th victims of your actions.


Peace is not just our right ,rather its our responsibility as well


Peace be unto you young people , as our nation prepares for elections in 2018 this is high time we should sow the sees of peace within our hearts, so tht when the time comes we will reap out better fruits .


Shun coruption and bring progres tu Zimbabwe mostly by those locally available resources. Lov u ool


Morning everyone


Let all Zimbabwean workers be paid accordingly. They should be paid as to above the poverty duturm line.....said by the Great President.


Whats for the weekend hey


whats your wish guyz for this our beloved Zimbabwe right now.


tikabatana Zimbabwe inokura, tikawirirana chete nyika inobudirira.


His excellence Cde Mugabe in New york let him be blessed as he take his time in telling the truth on humanity to the Europeans.


Peace Peace Peace


Zimbabweans Peace loving Youths our responsibility the future is in our hands


Hello Peace Loving youths like our other page Love Peace Love Zimbabwe which connects Youths for Justice and Peace with other youths from around Zimbabwe. Our voices for Peace!


Hey Africans let me tell this, actually the five wounds on Jesus are still bleeding and can be healed when Africa got what belongs to it ie Peace, Peace, Peace and its responsibility. Rise Zimbabweans, Rise Africans we are civilized and born inteligent so let us stand for our Africa and recieve the blessings and wisdom to utilise our left resources. Together we stand Zimbabweeee


Peace loving youths, what is your take on the Supreme Court's Election date of July 31, 2013. What are your comments and views. Let us share.


As we commemorate Africa Day as a continent do you think much has been done in the past 50years to liberate Africa, bring about democracy and development. Whats your views especially considering countries like South Africa where there are gross human rights violations, racial discrimination and segregation. Do we have anything to celebrate for ?



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