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Pastoral Care and Counseling Services - pccs Mutare PCCS is a registered non- profit organization with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

PCCS is a registered community mental health and care service provider in Manicaland. Our goals are to improve community member’s mental health, build positive coping skills and mitigate the negative impact on the healthy development of children and their families. PCCS contributes to the objectives of World Health Organization (WHO) by helping people in vulnerable situations. We reduce the severi

ty of mental health related conditions which come as a result of trauma, bereavement, poverty, abuse, identity crisis and violence. We also equip community members with preventive measures, management skill for these mental disorders and actions that reduce the likelihood of mental health related conditions in families. We focus on strengthening grassroots levels capacity so that they respond to mental health needs of children at risk. Through psycho-education, group counseling and mentoring our contribution is to help community members to deal with life threatening challenges.


2016, marked expansion in service delivery of Pastoral Care and Counselling Services activities, to the Manicaland community. We broadened our catchment area target groups, allowing our field programming, to engage key population groups which are marginalised when it comes to mental health services provision. We reached to over seven thousand (7000+) individuals in our activities such as:
a) individual and group counselling
b) marriage and couple counselling
c) psycho-education
d) Media presentations, Diamond FM, Manica Post
e) Mental health First Aid Trainings
f) Basic Counseling Skills Training
g) Community awareness and Outreach (e.g. substance abuse, marriage enhancement).
h) Networking meetings

A comparative introspect by statistics of 2015 and 2016, in terms of individuals and groups reached, reflects a 15% sharp increase, a success story for the organisation, for it transformed lives.
As 2017 begins, don’t be left out, join us as we shall be facilitating various mental health programs at community level aimed at transforming lives and restoring hope.

For all your mental health services contact:
Dr. Mazvita Machinga Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]
CELL: 263-77175519 OR 263-77883810
NO.3.13TH Avenue, Morningside Mutare

PCCS is reaching to different individuals and communities offering mental health services.On November 29, you are invite...

PCCS is reaching to different individuals and communities offering mental health services.
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What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) ?

MHFA is the initial help given to someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental illness. The first aid provided is not a substitute for professional help, but may help in stabilizing the person until appropriate professional or other assistance can be engaged.
What is Mental Health First Aid Training About?
Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that helps the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental distress, illnesses and

Purpose of MHFA
To learn various signs and symptoms of mental health problems; know where and when to get assistance, and help save a life.
Who benefits from MHFA training?
• Anyone who encounters someone (either in the family, community, school or workplaces) who needs ‘first aid’ assistance because of a mental health concern.

Why Mental Health First Aid Training?
• Mental health problems affect the overall development and well-being of individuals and may prevent them from future successes and development
• Mental health concerns such as risky sexual behaviours, alcohol and substance abuse are common health concerns.
• Many people are not well informed about mental health problems.
• Professional help is not always on hand.
• People often do not know how to respond in mental health crisis.
• People with mental health problems often do not seek help

MHFA equips you to be able to:
• Spot and identify the early signs of a range of mental health challenges.
• Feel confident to intervene and help someone experiencing a problem.

PCCS Mental Health First Aid course covers topics such as:
• High risk and destructive behaviors in children and adults e.g. Alcohol and drug abuse, risky sexual activities
• Misconduct and behavioral problems in children
• Grief and Bereavement
• Violence , fighting and aggression
• Addiction
• Trauma
• Depression
• Psychosis
• Anxiety Disorders
• Suicidal Ideation etc.
Mental Health First Aid in your Community/ School/ Organization

MHFA is a tool to help those in need get professional help so that they can successfully live, work, learn and play as human beings.

As a community, MHFA will prepare you to respond and act in a helpful manner when concerned about someone's mental health. This can be someone you know or even a stranger experiencing an emotional crisis on the way.

For further information and planning a training for your school, staff, organization, church, workplace or institution contact:

Dr. Mazvita Machinga Ph.D.
Pastoral Care and Counseling Services
P.O. Box 576 Mutare
Call at : 0771 754 519
Email: [email protected]



Number 3, 13th Avenue Morningside


+ 263 771 754 519



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