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Zvido Zvevanhu Norton Our vision is to fight corruption, bad governance and to educate our communities at large. Its time

The President has successfully Passed the nomination court process. Now processing payment. We will update you once the ...

The President has successfully Passed the nomination court process. Now processing payment. We will update you once the process is completed. A new Zimbabwe loading... The future is bright. A Zimbabwe for all.


Happy holidays fellow Zim. For those travelling, Don't drink and drive.
Go and register to vote. Your vote is your voice and determines your future developments in your communities, towns and cities . Vote for ZZPP .The only Party with a clear Manifesto.
1.Free education
2.Health system for all.
3 Welfare system for all.
4. Zero tolerance to corruption .
5. All basic human rights as enshrined in the supreme constitution.
6. Supporting the Disabled.
7. The youth the backbone of a strong economy. More training centres , start up grants, more job creation.


Inspection of voters’ rolls
10. (1) In terms of section 21(1) of the Act, the voter's rolls shall be open to inspection by the public, free of charge during ordinary office hours of the Commission at any of the Commission’s District and Provincial Offices where such rolls are kept.
(2) The Commission may also establish mobile and static inspection centers during an election period
where the public may inspect the voters’ rolls, and in so doing may determine the period within which the voters’ rolls may be inspected at these centers.


The requirements you need for Voter Registration.
Proof of residence
5.(1) For the purposes of registering as a voter the following documents shall constitute proof of residence—
(a) title deeds or a certificate of occupation;
(b) a lodgers permit issued by the relevant local authority;
(c) rates, water, electricity, telephone or credit store statements on which is shown the claimant’s name
and physical address;
(d) a statement from the landlord, parent or friend of the claimant confirming that the claimant resides at
the stated place of residence accompanied by any of the documents in paragraph (a), (b) or (c) in the
name of the landlord, parent, friend or such other person at whose residence the claimant resides;
(e) a statement confirming that the claimant resides at the stated place of residence made by the head of
a school, hospital or other public institution where the claimant resides;
(f) a statement confirming that the claimant resides at the stated place of residence made by or on behalf
of the person in whose name a mining location is registered in the area where the claimant resides;
(g) a statement by the claimant’s employer confirming his or her address;
(h) a confirmation letter by the relevant councillor, village head, headman or Chief confirming that the
claimant resides in the ward he or she claims to reside in;
(i) a confirmation letter by farm owner or resettlement officer confirming that the claimant resides in the
ward he or she claims to reside in;
(j) an offer letter proving that the claimant is in lawful occupation of the land to which the offer letter
(k) a hospital bill or a clinic or hospital card or an envelope with post office markings reflecting the
claimant’s address.
(2) A voter registration officer shall—
(a) require a claimant to swear/affirm a residence affidavit if the residence document produced to the officer is illegible or if there is any reasonable doubt as to the document’s authenticity or validity;
(b) in the case of a claimant who says that he or she is unable to obtain any residence document, accept
from the claimant a residence affidavit.
(3) Any person who makes a false statement in a residence affidavit shall be guilty of an offence and liable
to a fine not exceeding level ten or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding a year or to both


Zvido Zvevanhu ndiro bato renyu rinomirira kodzero yenyu. Endai munoregister kuvoter 2023. Zvido Zvevanhu Kunyanya.


What is the timetable for by-elections?
A new Writ is usually issued within three months of the vacancy. There have been a few times when seats remained vacant longer than six months. Seats will be left vacant towards the end of a Parliament. They are then filled at the general election.

If there are many vacant seats by-elections can take place on the same day.

The by-election timetable is between 21 and 27 working days from the issuing of the writ.

Education Policy Zvido Zvevanhu People's Party

Education Policy
Zvido Zvevanhu People's Party










This is the last round-about on the road to South Africa when leaving Harare, the Mbudzi round about.

That is the price you pay for being governed by looters, and for not voting in huge numbers.

ZANUPF elites smuggle US$100 million worth of Gold every month, yet roads are like this.

ZINARA is being looted daily and reports presented in parliament, yet nothing is done about it.

If you don’t register to vote and actually vote, then you are part of the problem!

All Zimbabweans Join our new Political Party Zvido Zvevanhu Peoples Party. Zvido Zvevanhu was formed by a group of Zimba...

All Zimbabweans Join our new Political Party Zvido Zvevanhu Peoples Party.

Zvido Zvevanhu was formed by a group of Zimbabweans in diaspora and back home. We are tired by the state of affairs in our country. The detoriation of basic standards of living, the economic hardships , human rights abuses, incarceration of opposition members, abductions and corruption .

Lets join hands and fight for what we believe is right. Lets encourage our families back home to go and register to vote.Yes, we can get back our freedom and rights as long as we all encourage everyone to play their part. Lets go and register to vote in our numbers. Your vote is your right. If you want real change lets change our mindset and vote. No one is going to liberate us. Lets change the narrative fellow Zimbabweans lets vote Zanu out.

Join us on our website www.zvidozvevanhu.org. We are on facebook and Twitter .
Zvido Zvevanhu kunyanya.

If you want real change Vote for Zvido Zvevanhu. Think about ourchildren and generations to come. Iwe neni tine basa
Asante Asante.
Thank you.

Reforms Reforms Reforms(Zimbabwe)“Our UK Government will only support Zimbabwe’s bid to rejoin the Commonwealth when the rule of law is restored, and the freedom of speech and political freedoms are protected.” – Lord St. John, UK House of Lords.


ZANUPF amazes me.

It wants to sue the American Government against sanctions in a South African court😂😂

This explains the harebrained things that ZANUPF does to our economy, politics, social life and country.

They think a South African court can compel a foreign country?😂😂

This level of absurdity is what we deal with daily as Zimbabweans living in the country.


Mnangagwa made the announcement during an extraordinary session of the Zanu PF politburo, where he bemoaned factionalism and infighting tearing the ruling party apart.


“It is a tragedy that my Government continues to persecute me to a point where it is now an issue of discussion in foreign parliaments as seen here today in the British House of Lords! It is embarrassing for a Government to continue paying PR companies millions only to get this👇🏿 https://t.c...


“It's easy to fix ZIMBABWE 🇿🇼. If this delegation doesn't come back we will be half through.”


In her application yesterday, Grace argued that the magistrate had no authority to deliver a ruling based on an appeal by her children if she felt they had no legal authority to file the appeal in the first place.


“I have no relationship whatsoever with Marry Chiwenga but l remain deeply concerned with the way she is being treated by government including the judiciary and the executive. I am further concerned by the silence of all these women in Zimbabwe including the First Lady,why why why”


“Deportation of Zimbabweans from the UK! Is there a deal between Boris Johnson and the Mnangagwa govt? https://t.co/bXIP615xoV”


“When asked Kuda Tagwirei to come to the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament. ZANUPF arranged with to have Biti recalled! That is why Mwonzora is quiet on this issue too! Tagwirei is not alone, he is only the face of a corrupt ruling elite in ZANUPF. https://t.co/LRJo82h...


Read the full report   Set well back from the public road at the end of a long driveway lined with palm trees is an extravagant new mansion, being built by Kudakwashe Tagwirei, a Zimbabwean businessman and presidential advisor accused of corruption. Much like this Harare residence, Tagwirei’s bus...


“International news channel shows shocking pictures of how local Zimbabwean workers are systematically abused in a Chinese factory. These never seen before video pictures show black Zimbabwean workers being moved by forklifts at a tile company after collapsing. https://t.co/mF8X...


CONSTITUTION WATCH 1/2020 [18th January 2020] Amending the Constitution [PART 1] The Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 2) Bill was published in the Gazette on the 31st December 2019 and again on the 17th January 2020. It can be viewed on the Veritas website [link]. If the Bill is passed by Par...


“😂Dhokota &sisi timborova somhu Zupco rinoita 30bond then unomira mumutsara from 4-8pm uchatenga mabanana uripamutsara ipapo nezviwitsi uchashandisa 40-60bond then 60bond + 30 bond=90bond mushika shika 60-70bond macomb ngadzoka paroad ”


“TO REFRESH MEMORIES, here is a copy of Malaba's infamously disgraceful judgment full of lies, in 's 2018 ConCourt's case on 's theft of the presidential election for . It will not survive the test of time or scholarship! https://t.co/wysmKd5o1L”


“The Constitutional Court made a definitive ruling which concluded the matter. The Commission will not be drawn into any brawls on issues that have been concluded by the country’s highest court.”


We welcome you all to Zvido Zvevanhu Peoples Party. Our Vision is fight corruption, bad governance and educating the communities at large.




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